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TauroPace™ – safety enhanced

Patient - Information

Your pacemaker provides you with effective treatment of dizzines , fatigue or fainting due to abnormal heart beat or heart block. For patients suffering from these symptoms the implantation of a cardiac implantable device – a pacemaker – is relieving.

To keep your device properly working you have to keep some simple facts in mind after implantation and in the following years.

Cardiac implantable electronic device infection is gaining in number due to the widespread use of more complex devices and growing numbers of implantations in elderly patients worldwide. The prevention of CIED infection is the only and best option we have.

Ask your surgeon about CIED infection prevention and TauroPace™

In the following useful informations regarding your new device are gathered:

  • Diseases demanding treatment by CIEDs
  • Therapies conducted by CIEDs


On the following pages you will learn about your disease, symptoms, diagnostics and what can be done about it. Ask your physician about CIED infection and the use of TauroPace™ in the prevention.



In the following you can gather information about your newly implanted device, what is recommended after implantation, how to behave and what to have in mind as a device carrier.